Emmanuel Online allows flexibility for students to take classes that work with their schedule.  EC Online offers two 8 week sections within a semester.  This means a student, all though moving at a much faster pace, can concentrate on one, or two courses at a time depending on what is best for the individual.  This allows the learner to slow down or speed up depending on their goals.  Plus, each student has a Success Mentor who will guide and advise along the way. 

It’s never too late to continue learning.  If you are an adult and you have found your way to this site and are wanting to get back in school this is the best time to do just that.  The first step, applying, is the hardest.  Emmanuel College is waiting with compassion and an open mind to hear your story.  You matter and you can do this. 

Common myths about going back to school after being out for a year or maybe many years include:

  • I won’t be able to handle the technology. – Our learning platform is easy to use and all courses are facilitated by an actual instructor.  A success mentor will work along side you to ensure you are making progress.  EC also offers 24/7 Learning Management support so you can get answers as soon as you need one when it comes to the technology involving the course platform.  EC is committed to support you also by providing tutoring, Career Services, a fabulous Online Library Resource and your Success Manager will be with you along the way until you graduate. 
  • I can’t afford to go back to school. – EC has a highly competitive tuition rate and our Financial Aid Advisors are here to help you get the most support financially available.
  • I have been out of school too long. – Many times getting past the feelings that you have forgotten how to write a research paper, or you haven’t been in a math class in forever, or your memory is not what it used to be, or maybe you feel like you are too busy.  These ideas in your head are often called imposter syndrome and are ways to self-sabotage your goals for your future. 

Will going back to school be hard?  Well, yes but anything worth doing is hard.  You can do this, and we can help you.  Be transparent with your family, and with work.  Get them to be part of your support group so you have help and accountability.  The classwork will seem strange but exhilarating.  Just wait until you have discussions with others like you, who have an interest about the same field, and you become part of that community. This is also why we limit students to 2 courses, occasionally 3 for an 8 week session.  We want you to be successful.  

View a sample course for our online Associate of Art in General Education program.