Our online students have access to the same student support services provided to students coming to campus.

Should you find yourself overwhelmed and in need support, Emmanuel has trained Counselors on staff that are available to you via phone. You also have access to trained Counselors 24-7 through our partner, Virtual Care.

If you wish to talk to EC personnel for Counseling, Pastoral Care, or general support you can use the request form below to schedule an appointment.

You received Virtual Care instructions upon your enrollment at Emmanuel. However, you can visit their website here to read more about their mental health services.

Health Support Services Appointment Request (ID #6323)
Virtual appointments are available via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Please provide your preference below and make sure you have the necessary app installed on your phone or computer.
Please request appointment times in Eastern Standard Time. Please request your preferred date and time and Student Life personnel will reach out to you to confirm the date and time and with a link for the meeting.
Select your virtual meeting preference.
Please indicate which EC Community member you wish to speak with. Our licensed Counselor, Jessica Middlebrooks is available to you as is our Student Advocate, if you are more comfortable speaking with a male. If you are in need of Pastoral Counseling, our Campus Pastor is available to you as well. If you need assistance outside of our business hours, remember that you have access to a VirtualCare Counselor 24-7. NOTE: if this is an emergency and you are a danger to yourself or others contact 911 immediately.
Please provide brief detail on why you wish to meet with Health Support Services personnel. This is not required and you should only provide detail you are comfortable sharing.