Mission Statement:

Emmanuel College is a community of Christ-centered higher learning that integrates faith, learning, and living within a biblical worldview and fosters spiritual, intellectual, and professional growth.

Statement of Faith:

We believe God is the personal Creator and Ruler of all time, space and matter, and a true understanding of all things must involve knowledge of His revealed purposes. We further believe the fullest information about God comes from the person of Jesus Christ and the relation of His redemptive works as recorded in the Holy Bible through inspiration of the Holy Spirit. All creation derives value and significance from God revealed in Jesus Christ. Christians are able to live as redeemed, regenerated and cleansed members of society through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

We believe education based on these principles is the best possible method of preparing students for and involving them in lasting service to God and others – service noted for integrity, intelligence and devotion. We further believe a college experience in a Christian environment will enable students to develop lifelong spiritual and social values. We believe all truth is God’s truth, and opportunities should be provided students to integrate faith and learning and synthesize their understanding of God’s purpose in Christ with one’s view of the worth of persons and worth of the scientific method in improving life.

Core Values – We believe in and affirm:

Christ-Centered Individuals – (The worth of every single person)
  • As a community we will respect the individual differences of other Christians.
  • As a community we will respectfully listen to the opinions of students and colleagues.
  • As a community we will work to help each individual obtain the calling that God has placed on his or her heart.
  • As a community we will seek to listen first and speak second.
  • As a community we will be honest with each individual and confront rumors, disagreements and controversy with openness and compassion.

Christ-Centered Community – (The significance of the Body of Christ)

  • As a community we will work toward excellence in education and never settle for mediocrity.
  • As a community we will be punctual to our appointments and fulfill our responsibilities.
  • As a community we will mentor others through our character, actions and speech.
  • As a community we will endeavor to learn and expand our own development.
  • As a community we will seek what is true, noble, right and praiseworthy as our service to God.

Christ-Centered Higher Education – (The integration of faith and learning)

  • As a community we will challenge each other to reach our full intellectual potential.
  • As a community we will expect quality and integrity in all of our studies.
  • As a community we will acknowledge Jesus Christ as the ultimate truth in all things and all knowledge.
  • As a community we will value teaching and learning as our commitment to God’s calling in our lives.

Our Pentecostal/Evangelical Tradition – (Our Christian heritage)

  • As a community we will celebrate the blessings of God to the forefathers of this community.
  • As a community we will train and mentor the future leadership of the International Pentecostal Holiness church and our brothers and sisters from other traditions.
  • As a community we will always seek to strengthen the cords that bind us together in Christian fellowship.


Emmanuel College is dedicated to intellectual, physical and spiritual growth within the context of a liberal arts education and an environment of Christian concern.