Interested in learning more about our graduate programs launching in fall 2022? Mark your calendar to join us for our Open House events!
Dates include: 
February 28th – Master of Exercise Science
March 1st – Master of Elementary Education
March 3rd – Master of Ministry or Master of Divinity 

 Let us help you navigate a new journey!

The events will be held at Taylor Chapel on the campus of Emmanuel College. Click the Google map below for directions!


4 Thoughts to “Emmanuel Online To Host Graduate Program Open House!”

  1. Anne Marie Phillips

    I will be attending the Masters in Education on March 1st!

    1. donnacq

      We’re looking forward to seeing you!

  2. Jennie Banach

    I’m interested in the Master’s in Education. However, would I be able to chat with someone or will it be recorded? I’m in Virginia and won’t be able to make it in person.

    1. donnacq

      Jennie, my apologies for the late reply. I’ve been traveling and am just getting caught up. We can certainly connect with you personally. That’s not a problem at all. We’re also planning a virtual open house at a later date so you will have multiple opportunities to interact with our faculty and staff. Would you like me to have our Enrollment Counselor give you a call? You can email me your contact info directly and I would be happy to make those arrangement. Thanks for posting and we look forward to chatting with you! My email is

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