Help a friend further their career goals! A Master of Elementary Education or a Master in Exercise Science can provide opportunity for career advancement. Help others find the same opportunity you’ve found at Emmanuel. We would love for you to refer family or friends that aren’t currently aware of the wonderful educational opportunities available at Emmanuel. As a special thank you for trusting us with your family and friends, you and your referred friend or family member will both receive a $1000 Referral Scholarship!

There are only 2 conditions to be met for you both to receive your scholarship. First, the potential student must be a new name. If they’ve already been referred or were in the system already, that name won’t qualify you for the referral scholarship benefit. Second, the student must enroll at Emmanuel before you both receive your scholarship. Help us get the word out about the quality program you’ve already discovered at Emmanuel.
Graduate Program Referral Program

Referee Information

Student Information

The Master of Ministry and Master of Divinity programs are pending SACSCOC approval. Planned program launch date is 2024.
Or anticipated date if you have not yet graduated.