At Emmanuel we recognize that the traditional college calendar and on-site course work format doesn’t always work for everyone. Online programs make education possible for so many of our non-traditional students; those that may be working or have a family to care for. If you’ve been thinking of finishing your college degree and have struggled with how to get to campus, arrange childcare, get away from work, or fit classes around the numerous other conflicts that exist, our online programs may be the solution for you.


Business Administration, BBA (launching August 2020)

Criminal Justice, BS  (launching August 2020)

Christian Ministries, BS (anticipated August 2020 launch)

Online students have an opportunity to start at 6 different start dates throughout the year.

Fall Semester: September or November
Spring Semester: January or March
Summer Semester: May or July

Students in our online programs will enroll in a typical Fall, Spring, and Summer semester. Traditional programs are set up for students to take multiple classes at the same time over a period of about 16 weeks. However, in our online program instead of being in 4 or more classes simultaneously you will be in 1 or 2 classes at a time and each one will last only 8 weeks.

Each semester will be comprised of 2, 8-week modules. You will take 2 courses each module, for a total of 4 per semester. So your fall semester, for example, is still 16 weeks but your coursework is broken up into more manageable, shorter sessions so that you can complete them at your own pace from the comfort of your home.